This Mark Twain quote is great and also applies when you are about to select a new Configure-Price-Quote (CPQ) tool.

Here is how it applies: If you (as a CPQ Seller or in some rare cases also the Buyer) are familiar and interested in one specific CPQ Solution then that is the solution that can solve all your business problems. You are truly convinced that this is true.

This is fairly common thinking and there is a high likelihood that this is not true.

Let me provide a short example for this kind of thinking from my own experience as an SAP Consultant, which was a long time ago. At that time I thought every problem could be addressed with an SAP Solution. There was no bad intention on my side but a solid conviction that, that was the best solution for the customer. I had worked with SAP (logistic and basic modules) for several years and was very familiar with the capabilities. Therefore it was second nature to me to propose a SAP Solution to every business challenge the customer had. In addition to that my SAP work was paying the bills and so I wasn’t interested in making my competitors stronger.

But here is what I got wrong: Instead of starting with the desired business outcome(s) of my customers, independent from the technology, I always kept an eye on the technology, even in the beginning stages of a project.

This behavior is typical for most Sales and Pre-Sales teams because they are truly convinced their product is the best and they also have to make their quota. While this is all understandable and normal it may not provide the best possible solution for the customer.

As a CPQ customer you should always ensure that you get truly objective CPQ advice from an independent expert* (like Novus CPQ Consulting) before you investigate possible CPQ Solutions because

  • CPQ Solution Providers are typically not eager to “rock the boat” and put their potential sales at risk by introducing competitors to you. They want to focus on their strengths and not on their weaknesses.
  • System Integrators typically have a practice with one or more CPQ Solution Providers and hence they will have a preference for these Solutions. So again they may act more in their own interest than in your interest. 

Let’s start a discussion @ or explore our website to get truly independent CPQ Process and Systems advice!


* An independent expert/advisor does not profit financially from the CPQ Solution a customer selects



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