February 2017

A Picture is worth a thousand words

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This saying is also true for Configure-Price-Quote (CPQ) tools! While we obviously don’t require a picture for every product that we buy (e.g. Software, Services), it is challenging to buy many products without some form of visualization (e.g. picture, 2D drawing, 3D model). One obvious example is a car or motorcycle. As online customers we [...]

January 2017

CPQ Outlook 2017

By | 2017-09-28T08:19:34+00:00 January 4th, 2017|Company News|

This time of year provides a good opportunity to take a moment and think about where the CPQ (Configure-Price-Quote) and Quote-to-Cash market is and where it may go over the coming calendar year. Here are my expectations for 2017: 1.   CRM Platforms (e.g. Salesforce.com, Microsoft Dynamics CRM, NetSuite, SAP, Oracle) will become even more influential for [...]

December 2016

A Look Back – at my CPQ Outlook 2016

By | 2016-12-14T16:00:29+00:00 December 14th, 2016|Company News|

Almost a year ago I prepared an outlook for CPQ in 2016 (Read it here). Before I go ahead and do this again (in the first week of January) for 2017 I wanted to check myself and see how good or bad my expectations/predictions were. After all I want to provide high quality information and [...]

November 2016

Impressions from Cincom’s CPQ User Conference

By | 2017-09-28T08:19:34+00:00 November 5th, 2016|Company News|

First let me explain who Cincom is. Cincom is a Cincinnati, Ohio based Software Company that was founded in 1968 and offers, beside many others products, a CPQ solution. They are specialized in the manufacturing and distribution industries and their product addresses complex configuration challenges. Before I talk about the actual event let me add [...]

October 2016

Impressions from Tacton Days

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Let me first clarify what Tacton Days is. Tacton is a Swedish CPQ Vendor specialized in the manufacturing industry. They organize an annual two-day event called “Tacton Days” in Stockholm, Sweden. This is one way for them to inform their customers, partners and prospects about their latest Product Updates. The reason I got invited, even though [...]

Impressions from Dreamforce 2016

By | 2017-09-28T08:19:34+00:00 October 8th, 2016|Company News|

While Dreamforce itself is growing every year the number of Configure-Price-Quote (CPQ) Vendors is growing as well. In addition to the CPQ vendors who have a booth at the Expo in the Moscone Center there are more CPQ vendors meeting with customers around the actual Dreamforce event. This is good news for all CPQ customers [...]

September 2016

CPQ Tool Maintenance Tips

By | 2017-09-28T08:19:34+00:00 September 28th, 2016|Company News|

Once you have implemented your Configure / Price / Quote (CPQ) Tool you will have to keep it up to date. While this sounds easy enough it represents a challenge for a number of companies. Personally I encounter the following two cases regularly. Both cases can represent a serious challenge to your business and so [...]

Focus on YOUR users before looking at CPQ tools!

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There are many different Configure/Price/Quote (CPQ) tools available and while they are all called CPQ they have many different capabilities. This makes it challenging to find the best tool for your business. Before you try to investigate all the capabilities of these tools you should look inside YOUR company and truly understand the challenges of [...]

July 2016

Summer Break Announcement

By | 2016-07-19T23:54:55+00:00 July 19th, 2016|Company News|

While I will take a summer break and not publish any CPQ Blog Posts in the coming weeks I want to give you some tips about interesting CPQ books. Mass Customization (1992) – The new frontier in Competition by B. Joseph Pine Product Customization (2008) by Lars Hvam, Niels Henrik Mortensen, Jesper Riis Mass Customization: How Build to Order, Assemble to [...]

6 Project Management focused recommendations for your CPQ Project

By | 2016-07-06T13:49:08+00:00 July 6th, 2016|Company News|

Here is a short summary of Project Plan Documents you may want to consider when you have to run a CPQ project.  There could be many reasons for a CPQ Project like Implementing a new CPQ solution Upgrading an existing CPQ solution Improving CPQ-related Processes (Business Process Re-engineering) Increasing acceptance of your existing CPQ solution [...]