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There are many Configuration, Pricing and Quoting (CPQ) Tools available on the market today. How do you know which one is the right one for your business?

CPQ Tool Selection

We have expertise with many of the leading CPQ Solutions available on the market today, whether the applications are part of an ERP solution, CRM application or a cloud-based, best of breed application. We are confident that you will find the Novus CPQ knowledge and experience very helpful in selecting the right CPQ tool for your business. We will help you to explore and evaluate different CPQ tools by:

  • Providing you only resources who have strong functional skills and strong business experience in numerous organizations, industries and projects
  • Developing, documenting and weighting the high level business and technical requirements for your CPQ tool
  • Determining and agreeing on Evaluation Criteria with your CPQ tool Evaluation Team
  • Proposing a list of CPQ vendors based on your high level business and technical requirements and providing them your requirements so that they can prepare a CPQ tool demo
  • Helping you to score the various demos from the CPQ tool vendors