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CPQ Education Services

We offer the following online CPQ Courses

  • CPQ Best Practices & Basics (Part 1)
  • CPQ Best Practices & Basics (Part 2)

Our 2 Day CPQ Workshop is onsite.


CPQ Best Practices & Basics (Part 1)

This 43 minute online course provides:

  • Key Information for teams interested to learn more about CPQ
  • An End-to-End CPQ Process Review
  • Tips for Vendor Selection and Implementation Project Preparation

CPQ Best Practices & Basics (Part 2)

This 44 minute online course provides Key Information for teams investigating CPQ Solutions in these areas

  • Product Configuration (Type of Engine, Type of Configuration Use Cases)
  • Pricing (Integration with CRM, ERP and Pricing Considerations)
  • Quote & Approval Flows

CPQ Change Management

This is a custom course that provides CPQ specific Change Management recommendations. It covers the following topics:

  • Who in the organization should be engaged?
  • The tasks of a Change Management Lead
  • The type of Plans you should consider setting up for your CPQ initiative

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CPQ On-going Maintenance

This custom course shows you what needs to be considered to keep your CPQ tool up-to-date. It provides:

  • Document Examples for documenting Configuration Logic
  • Shows how New Product Introductions (NPI) and CPQ Processes are related
  • Considerations for your Support Team

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