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Summer Break Announcement

While I will take a summer break and not publish any CPQ Blog Posts in the coming weeks I want to give you some tips about interesting CPQ books. Mass Customization (1992) – The new frontier in Competition by B. Joseph Pine Product Customization (2008) by Lars Hvam, Niels Henrik Mortensen, Jesper Riis Mass Customization: How Build to Order, Assemble to [...]

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6 Project Management focused recommendations for your CPQ Project

Here is a short summary of Project Plan Documents you may want to consider when you have to run a CPQ project.  There could be many reasons for a CPQ Project like Implementing a new CPQ solution Upgrading an existing CPQ solution Improving CPQ-related Processes (Business Process Re-engineering) Increasing acceptance of your existing CPQ solution [...]

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CPQ is not rocket science!

Nevertheless it is pretty challenging to select the right Configure/Price/Quote (CPQ) tool for your business since there are so many different solutions available on the market. While the name (CPQ) is the same, the capabilities are very different and hence it is important to select the right tool to actually reach your goals. For our CPQ Vendor [...]

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This is what I recently learned from CPQ Executives!

While our CPQ Leadership Series is still going on (check it here if you like) I want to share some interesting, interim learnings from these documents. But first of all I want to thank all participating CPQ industry leaders to take the time to answer these questions! I know you are very busy and that you made time [...]

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10 Tips for evaluating a CPQ tool

After helping a number of SMB businesses (with less than 1,000 employees) to evaluate and select a CPQ tool I want to share some tips that should help with the Request for Information process as well as with the actual selection process. While this should provide anyone a basic guidance how to evaluate a CPQ [...]

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Ground Rules for getting things done in CPQ Projects

1.Not everyone needs to agree If you want to get anything done in a CPQ Project you can't try to please everyone. If you wait until every Person or Team had a chance to follow up with everyone that might have some interest in the outcome of a decision we will drag down enthusiasm, accountability and the general agility [...]

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CPQ – Think different.

You probably know the famous 1997 “Think different” Ad campaign from Apple. If you don’t the original ad is here .  I saw it again recently and thought it still has a very powerful and inspiring message. Since I focus on Configure-Price-Quote (CPQ) I was wondering if this can be used to generate some inspiration for the [...]

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Change Management is Key to your CPQ success!

To make sure your Configure-Price-Quote (or larger Sales) Transformation investment gets the desired results you should pay close attention to the following three  Change Management tasks.  This is critical because a CPQ process and tool is meant to be used by people! It may be people from your Sales Teams, people from your Channel Partners or your [...]

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Do CPQ Software Reviews replace experienced advisors?

The short answer is “No”! While I recommend to everyone, who is interested to learn more about Configure/Price/Quote (CPQ) products, to go to Software Review Sites like G2Crowd.com, capterra.com and trustradisus.com . These sites have some interesting information but they do not replace engaging a trusted CPQ advisor when you investigate or select a CPQ tool! These sites are good [...]

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CPQ Leadership Series Announcement

We are excited to announce the CPQ Leadership Series. This set of documents features thoughts from executive leaders (CEO, Founder and other C-level executives) of successful Configure/Price/Quote (CPQ) Software Vendors. Every leader answers the same questions which come from three different areas Personal questions like favorite books, people they admire etc. Questions about their own [...]

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